FIFCJ / 2019 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE -November 20-24 – Goiânia-GO – Brazil

FIFCJ / 2019 International Conference
Extended Council: 20-24 November
Building gender equality and the rights of girls and women in the world.

The International Federation of Women of Legal Career (FIFCJ), chaired by Dr. Osvalda Joana, will hold, in 2019, in Brazil, another edition of its International Conference, with the theme: ‘The Construction of Gender Equality and Women’s Rights. Girls and Women in the World ‘. The event will be co-hosted by the Brazilian Association of Legal Career Women (ABMCJ), chaired by Laudelina Inácio da Silva and vice-chair by Manoela Gonçalves.
With its International Conference, FIFCJ seeks to gather subsidies and generate influential documents, including public policies, to defend the rights of women and girls, because they are especially at risk around the globe.

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