What is FIFCJ?

The International Federation of Women in Legal Careers, FIFCJ, is a Non Governmental Organization of women jurists founded in Paris in 1928 with the aim of fighting for the eradication of all forms of discrimination against women and promoting their Human Rights.

The FIFCJ has consultative status with the United Nations Economical and Social Council since 1961.

Collaborates with ECOSOC, UNESCO, UNICEF, FAO and ILO.

It also teams up with others federations and associations with common goals:

What are the FIFCJ goals?

The FIFCJ inspires its activities in the United Nations Charter Principles, as they are consecrated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and reaffirmed in the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women.

The FIFCJ aims:

To promote and divulge the knowledge of the above mentioned fundamental principles.

To encourage and help its members in their activities with the Parliaments, Governments or any other competent authority, as well as the public opinion, in order to get the above mentioned principles embodied in national legislation and applied at a practical level in the judicial system and in social administration.

To assemble information about the juridical, social and economical status of women all over the world and to study laws affecting that status.

To promote the establishment of bonds of friendship and unity between its members, as well as with other international jurists associations.

To contribute to the promotion of Peace in the world, as an indispensable support to obtain an equal and conscientious progress of Humanity.

How does the FIFCJ works?

The FIFCJ gathers its Congress and General Assembly every three years. The meeting of the Council takes place each year. The Council is the FIFCJ Board.

The Congress defines and debates the general theme that is studied by all FIFCJ National Associations and individual members each three years.

The FIFCJ organizes seminars and conferences open to any jurist where relevant matters are discussed. The final documents approved at these events are divulged at an international and national level.

Who can be a FIFCJ member?

Any jurist women who accepts and adheres to the fundamental principles defended by the Federation and pays its fee.